Sustainability and Innovation:

The ZILONIS Campus, Müschenbach!

Future Headquarter of ZILONIS


Our new headquarters: ZILONIS Campus in Müschenbach

We focus on innovation and sustainability.

We at ZILONIS, the manufacturer of high-quality heat exchangers, tanks and special apparatus, are pleased to announce the opening of our new headquarters in the Medienpark Westerwald in Müschenbach. From 01. 01. 2023 we will use the ZILONIS Campus Müschenbach as a new home for our employees, the Research & Development department and seminars for our customers.

DThe ZILONIS Campus Müschenbach offers modern, light-flooded offices and direct access to nature to support the work-life balance of our employees. We believe that a healthy and satisfied workforce is the basis for successful work.

As early as 2025, we have set ourselves the goal of relocating part of our production to the ZILONIS Campus Müschenbach and investing heavily in the campus. We are proud that ZILONIS is one of the few companies in Germany that covers the entire range of tube bundle heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, pressure vessels and special equipment, while at the same time showing all the important certifications for the global market.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new ZILONIS Campus Müschenbach in the future and are confident that our new environment will further strengthen our ability to work innovatively and sustainably.

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