Realizing long-term goals efficiently

The ZILONIS corporate group consists of technology clusters as well as innovation centers and develops more efficient products for various industries.

The foundation of an efficient future

Currently, ZILONIS is the shareholder of four medium-sized enterprises within the framework of heat exchanger, tank, and instrument construction. Additionally, the corporate group owns trademark and distribution rights for substantial, standardized products in this field.

We at ZILONIS strive to diminish CO2 emissions in our own companies, as well as those of our customers, long-term.

For that to happen, we harness a smart capex management in our companies to complete our process-chains and shorten our delivery channels. We furthermore engage in pioneering research projects and thereby develop more innovative technologies for a vast variety of applications in collaboration with our partners.

Individual components form a whole

Step by step into the future – together with us!

  • construction AS A CUSTOMER

    You’re looking for sustainable solutions? In us, you will find a partner that understands your demands and offers the highest possible technical standards.

  • person_add AS AN EMPLOYEE

    You live for environmental technologies and would like to contribute to a more ecological future? Become part of our team!


    You deal in innovative environmental technologies in terms of heat, cold, and energy? Let’s develop the future together!

  • trending_up AS AN INVESTOR

    You’re looking for investment opportunities with a clear conscience? Environment and returns don’t contradict themselves. Let’s talk about sensible innovations!

  • local_shipping AS A SUPPLIER

    You would like to cover our requirements and work together? We’re constantly looking for innovative products and strategic partners.


    You’re looking for a successor? Leave your corporation based in the energy, environmental technology, or heat exchanger sectors in safe and capable hands!

Individual production – Made in Germany

We develop products of an innovative nature to make our world a little more efficient and ecological day by day.
  • Auf dem Bild ist Daniel Utsch, einer der geschäftsführenden Gesellschafter von ZILONIS zu sehen

    Musa Smakaj

    Managing Partner
  • "All of ZILONIS' employees strive to leave our planet behind a little better than we found it.

    We want to tread this path collectively and successfully, which is why we pull in the same direction every single day.”

  • Auf dem Bild ist Daniel Utsch, einer der geschäftsführenden Gesellschafter von ZILONIS zu sehen

    Daniel Utsch

    Managing Partner
  • "With ZILONIS, we seek to realize our long-term aim to make the energy management of industrial companies more efficient. To this end, we utilize the technologies available to us and constantly expand our capacities in order to meet our own, indispensable claims of innovation."

  • Auf dem Bild ist Daniel Utsch, einer der geschäftsführenden Gesellschafter von ZILONIS zu sehen

    Samir El-Assal

    Managing Partner
  • "Electromobility, photovoltaics and improved thermal isolation are important steps against CO2 emissions. However, the greatest leverage against climate change can be achieved in industry. That's where we start with ZILONIS."